Looking for a barn wedding in Scotland, GGs Yard?

January 8, 2020

Looking for a barn wedding in Scotland, GGs Yard?

Why we love this venue…


So why are we raving about this new wedding venue in Scotland? Well its a converted barn next to a beach and they feed us amazing food! plus the staff are awesome.

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We are very in tune with the flow of this wedding venue. We love the rustic and charming decor which reminds us of a Scottish ski lodge dialled up to 11!

The bride and groom usually have their prep done on site which is really handy for us allowing us to focus more you our couples and dynamic shots rather than running around the countryside. We love the staff who are so helpful (massive shout out to Julie!). When Tracy was about to go into labour and I was filming a wedding at GGs Julie made sure I was all good, fed and watered for the long drive to the hospital after the wedding which I made it in plenty of time, cheers Julie.  We also like the venue almost having the full reception room completed when we arrive in the morning with just some flowers to go to finish it off. This means we can capture your details you spent so long creating all in good time plus the sun in the morning really beams through those large windows creating an epic scene before your guests arrive.

After your ceremony depending on the weather we usually head down to the beach which is a short drive to capture some epic couple shots then back to GGs to some dancing and cake.

Check out just some of our films we have created at GGs yard below. It’s amazing how each video has is personal to each couple and not all the same. Good times!