Barn Wedding Venues in Scotland.

July 13, 2020

Barn Wedding Venues in Scotland

Rustic, Charming, Vintage, Bohemian, Beautiful.
Heres a wee list of some stunning barn wedding venues in Scotland we follow on social media. We have not yet been to all of them but we would love to film some awesome weddings at these venues they look so cool!

In no particular order.

  • GGs Yard Wedding Venue
  • Byre at Inchyra Wedding Venue
  • The Cow Shed Crail¬†Wedding Venue
  • Comrie Croft Weddings¬†Wedding Venue
  • Kinkell Byre Wedding Venue
  • Kirknewton StablesWedding Venue


Venues like these are really bringing the good vibes to weddings in Scotland we always get so excited to film at location likes these. For your wedding film the charm and character and look so cinematic and throw in some of your guests and your wedding ceremony and you have some truly rememberable moments. The real stuff.

Check out a wee film below we created at GGs Yard and Kirknewton Stables.