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Elopement Videography

Head into the Wild

Elopement videography in Scotland. Scotland is an epic place to have your very own elopement. We can work with you to help craft your wee day into something much bigger.

The stunning landscape, your vows those cinematic shots next to a waterfall  can add a greater experience for your elopement and your film. After that we edit your film (because we where there!) and post it to you in our wonderful gift box.

Each elopement is different, we would love to talk to you & meet you to have a casual chat about your amazing day and your ideas. Therefore we can make your elopement videography more personal to you.

Let’s do this.

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Whether you are eloping to the Scottish Highlands, Iceland or the Lake District would love to be part of it. A whimsical film of two adventurous lovers being together in an epic landscape. We would love to know more about your adventure and work with you to capture your dream film.

Captured on high-end Cameras & Stabilisers

Drew Filming

Filming from Bride & Groom Preparations

6-7 hours approx coverage.

2-5min Cinematic Film

Professional editing by Drew using our cinematic colour grade and licensed music

Pre wedding meeting via FaceTime or phone call.

Available to watch and download in your exclusive online gallery

Each Elopement is different so please let us know your ideas and we can then provide you with a price.