Engagement Wedding Video in Scotland

March 30, 2020

Why have an Engagement video?

A couples story so far….


So why have an engagement video or a pre wedding video?
If you have seen the video above you have probably worked it all out. You get to see a happy couple and their journey so far! they are all buzzy and full of excitement for their wedding day they have spent so much time planning and organising.
We film so much more of you both on an engagement film than on a wedding day. We can spend more time getting to know you and how you met. This is great so then on your wedding day we know how each-other work and theirs no awkwardness.
We filmed with Joanna and Phil for an afternoon and this is what we created. We love it! It’s a fantastic insight into someone world.
 Then on to their wedding , check out there highlights below. Remember after your wedding day  you will have some great memories, awesome photos and two! videos that show you both on your journey you can share with your family, friends and grand children.