GG’s Yard Wedding Venue.

March 24, 2021

GG's Yard Barn Wedding Venue

An Immersive + Personal Wedding Film

GGs Yard is a wonderful barn wedding venue in Scotland. Thus creating the perfect setting to create an Immersive & Personal Wedding Film for Kelsey and Chris.

ngWe have filmed so many wonderful times at this iconic wedding venue. This means we know all the best bits lol.

Before your wedding day we will have a casual talk online with you to understand what you're most excited about for your wedding film and also to meet you.

Secondly we have filmed at GGs yard throughout the year and see how the light changes through the day. So to capture those cinematic shots we already know when and where to do it.

Thirdly, and most importantly, we know how to day flows at GGs Yard the staff are so helpful and friendly making things happen.

An Immersive and Personal Wedding Film. Above you will see an example of this. We worked with Chris and Kesley just a little to create a film that is more personal to them without losing the natural feel.  For example the beach was more personal to them than a woodland or hilltop for their couples shoot. A card reading in the morning was an insight into their little world creating an authentic story.

To sum-up this helps create a wedding film much more personal and storytelling to the happy couple. We loved producing it and creating a video they WANT! to share with friends and family.