Glencoe Elopement Photography

October 9, 2019

Glencoe Elopement Photos

Can a Videographer take Photos?


Glencoe Elopements are un-real for any videographer or Bride. I think its the rugged landscape that makes it so magical and the deer that walk around you.

We traveled up to Glencoe, Scotland for an adventure with Photography Farm who provided some couples and models to take some images of. Tracy and I couldn’t wait to see if we could capture images instead of video.

It was a great experience and we met the most amazing people a lot of who where wedding photographers. They looked Pro. Its always nice to meet people you follow on Instagram in person over a coffee and lots of SONY CAMERAS who sponsored the event.

Yes we use Sony cameras and we talked to them lots about lenses and techy stuff. The beer was good! Its always good to perfect your craft and keep learning. We never stop. We love it.

The weather was great, a little too much sun. We travelled to a variety of locations throughout the area and here are just some images we have edited. We will add more soon.

We are really happy with what we took away from the workshop and yes we can take photos! will we offer this? time will tell, I think we need to make some small tweaks first. I will say video is our love and our priority and passion so if your looking for a cinematic edit of your adventure to elope in Glencoe, Scotland give us a shout. And at the moment if you are looking for an elopement photographer we can recommend people. Exciting Times