Wedding Videographer Scotland

April 20, 2020

Wedding Videographers in Scotland

Jst Married Wedding Films


Who What why?

My wife (Tracy) and I (Drew) are Wedding Videographers or Wedding filmmakers. We love to create cinematic, natural wedding videos for couples across the Uk. We tend to shoot a little differently than your traditional videographer. We film the real candid moments of your day. Full of heart and laughter.
What do you create? Are your wedding films alternative, creative, romantic, storytelling, elegant, whimsical?….
Ok so thats lots of words. The heart of our wedding films are our couples so we try to capture whats happening in front of us as naturally as we can however we do add an Artist flare into the mix to capture some cinematic shots. So if your puppy is attending your day or you are both running down the beach we will film it the best we can with our artist impression.
Why?, do I need a wedding video?
Yes! yes you do. All seriousness think about after your wedding day and all that dosh you spent and time planning it all. What are you left with?  Your wedding video and your photos so you want them to be amazing. Video is now massive! for weddings and it’s no surprise. Its not just an extra anymore people want it as a must have. Videos can really pack a punch, telling your story, your day your style.
How much is a wedding video?

If you buy a pudding at 20p you might get a slight sugar rush then all its gone in seconds. If you buy a pudding at £6.50 by a chocolatetire who has trained for many years and has all the kit, skills, experience and creativity you are probably going to enjoy it way more and remember it and tell all your fiends about it.

We would love to know more about your wedding and ideas. Check out our videos and website for more info about your wedding film.
Drew and Tracy.